“If you want to experience wine with your whole self, not only your mind and senses, the wine has to be authentic. And what confers authenticity is a rootedness in family, soil, and culture as well as the connections among them.” -Terry Theise

The authenticity Theise calls out in his Reading Between the Vines captures the essence of what we strive for with DANIEL wines—a rootedness in family, soil, and culture. This isn’t something that can be produced or manufactured—it comes from the earth itself. It’s rooted in the experience, the wisdom, the toil, and the collaboration between grower and winemaker, who choose to engage in this labor of love. And it comes from the heart of our family to yours.

Dan Fitzgerald worked his first harvest in 2001 and has been making wine ever since. The idea for DANIEL wines started humbly nearly 15 years ago as a small father-son winemaking project with his father Chris, whose craft is focused in the realm of ideas. It quickly grew to include Dan’s wife, Barbara, who leads marketing and sales for one of Healdsburg’s premier wineries, and Chris’s wife, Honore, who has worked in the global wine industry for over 20 years.

Our ambition is to produce very small lots of exceptional wines from extraordinary vineyards. Unlike many wineries that seek to grow and expand, we aim to remain small and maintain our focus on doing something that we love. We love sharing what we do with our friends and family, so we’ve made it easy to learn secure your access to all our wines by joining our club, The Collaborator’s Circle.

If a club isn’t the best option for you, join the DANIEL wines mailing list to keep up-to-date on new releases and events. Please note not all wines will be available through our mailing list.