DANIEL. What’s in a name?

You may notice that every DANIEL wine is signed by the grower. It’s my philosophy for DANIEL—I won’t put my name on a bottle unless the grower signs the bottle with me. My respect for—and partnership with—the growers is what will always distinguish DANIEL wines.

Success in the cellar is only made possible because of this small but amazing cadre of men and women who farm exceptional vineyards. Every harvest, with their deep knowledge, their love of the earth and the sweat of their brow, they deliver grapes capable of becoming remarkable wines. It’s my great privilege to share something so extraordinary with you in every bottle of DANIEL.

Dan Fitzgerald

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What People Say

"Dan makes wines that tell a story of where they come from — whether that story is about a unique grape variety or spectacular vineyard site. These are wines that are as enjoyable as they are quietly contemplative."

Emily C

"I finally opened the bottle of DANIEL Cab Franc. It was amazing!"

Robert m

"Really good sauvignon blanc. @daniel_sonoma are good people, tight with other good people in Sonoma. This is a find, like all of Daniel’s wine. I’ve yet to visit Totem Ridge, but I’ve tasted it. Nice job Ken and Susan Piters, and Dan.

mark b

“On a ouvert la bouteille de DANIEL hier soir en famille...c'était tout simplement superbe.”

claude V

“This Grand Vent Pinot has an irresistible aromatic presence featuring scents of black cherry, black raspberry, spice, earth and mulch. A luscious array of dark stone and berry fruits saturate the mid palate with goodness. A bit of savoriness displayed by spice, pepper and forest flora add interest. The silky mouthfeel is highly seductive and the rewarding finish is ornate and persistent."

William G